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The Content Chat Bulletin: I Never Anticipated This Would Be My New Favorite Content Marketing Case Study

Published 8 months ago • 6 min read

You may have noticed that everything's looking, well, a little pink these days.

And not just any pink—we're talking Superstar Barbie hot pink, friends!

Pink froyo, pink hamburgers, pink social profile frames, pink houses. All in support of a movie opening this Friday about a middle-aged blonde who's got some reputation management to do.

Unlike your typical summer blockbuster movie campaign with its deluge of ads and a fast food tie-in, the marketing team behind the Barbie movie has created something that—as my #ContentChat guest today, Jason Falls noted—is going to be an integrated marketing case study taught in marketing classes for years to come.

It makes sense that a brand that's all about co-creating stories with its customers (because that's what kids are doing when they are playing with the dolls—they're creating and acting out their own stories) had a similar approach to the campaign.

When fans started making their own Barbie profile photo frames, Mattel stepped up and gave everyone an official one. They also partnered with influencers from all walks of life to share Barbie-themed content. There was even a Malibu Barbie cafe pop-up with Insta-ready decor just waiting for its selfie moments.

But it didn't stop there. There was the Barbie Dream House on AirBnB, and even a Barbie profile on Bumble. All those places where grownups go to daydream about our lives had their own little vignettes of Barbie content.

And it worked. I've been part of so many conversations about Barbie over the past month with people who I didn't grow up playing Barbie with.

I let the haters know my Barbie had a beauty salon on top of her townhouse, where we used to give Barbies haircuts and the occasional (water soluble) dye job. I also built Barbie apartments for her friends, wallpapered in scraps, and filled with furniture I had my grandpa build on his lathe. And, of course, there were all the high-fashion, punk rock outfits I made for Barbie, too. As an only child, instead of feeling lonely, when I didn't have friends over, I'd talk to my Barbies and live out my fancy future city girl dreams.

While I don't think I converted anyone to the Barbie fandom, I think I did give a good counter perspective to what it was like to grow up playing with the dolls.

So, wait a minute. That means I've spent the better part of a month talking to people IRL and on the Internet about a 50-year-old brand I haven't actively engaged with in 30+ years. When was the last time *that* happened? Now that's what I call some seriously exceptional content marketing.

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NEXT WEEK: AI: The Ultimate Wingman For Your Brand Voice

All summer MarketingProfs has hosted weekly sessions to help you use AI to its fullest potential. This week, the always equally fun and informative Ruth Carter, Esq. will discuss what you need to know right now about AI, content, and the law.

Next week, I’m thrilled to discuss how AI can be the ultimate wingman for your brand voice. I can’t wait to show you how to use AI to:

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  • Stay on current messaging for products and campaigns

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