The #ContentChat Bulletin

The #ContentChat Bulletin: Website Content’s New Role in the Age of AI-powered Search

Published 2 months ago • 7 min read

Hi there.

This past week was a big milestone for me—I launched the first significant overhaul of our consultancy’s website since our 2016 launch! It was a much-needed update since our services have evolved, and so has the way people find information online, thanks to AI.

Our old site was brief, with little detail about our services. We put our content creation energy into the blog posts. Our Twitter community was front and center.

In contrast, I wrote our new site’s copy with an understanding that you have to train the robots and the algorithms so the right people find you and even see your website at all. If your website has the same neutral yet informative business-y content that describes what you do and who you do it for, the AI won’t be able to tell anyone that you are the perfect partner for your ideal customer.

And the thing is, you want AI to work for you, not against your goals. And that means you've got to get specific.

That’s why I leaned into what makes me—and our consultancy—the right fit for some clients and not for others:

  • My approach to content marketing is a lot like my approach to gardening, so you see lots of flowers across the pages (most of them mine, in fact)
  • If you’ve seen my #ContentChat LinkedIn livestream, you already know I’m a kawaii-Hello Kitty-perky goth in a MidCentury ranch, and the branding—from the colors to the overall aesthetic—reflects that.
  • Our services pages talk about our approach, including that we are on a mission to stamp out random acts of content.

That last bullet is an especially important one for us. It’s the primary reason we turn down business, too.

If a prospective customer comes to us with a content creation project or retainer in mind, and doesn’t have a content strategy (or isn’t looking to have us collaborate with them to craft theirs), we refer them somewhere else. It simply doesn’t bring me joy to add to the noise in the marketplace, or to create content without purpose.

I’m sure our website will turn off some visitors—and that’s a Good Thing! Because if our website is too much, I can’t imagine what having me and my direct approach on a call would be like for you.
So consider this your call this week to show off what makes you uniquely you.


P.S. We’re taking on new clients in the following areas:

  • AI for Marketing
  • B2B Brand Influencer Collaborations
    (a.k.a. content by me)
  • Content Development and Planning
  • Content Governance
  • Content Strategy
  • Fractional Head of Content
  • Marketing Training & Facilitation
  • Thought Leadership
  • Web Content Creation

P.P.S. If you refer someone who becomes a client, I’ll send you a package of my homemade gluten-free cookies. Don't worry; I give them as client gifts, too, so you can refer yourself! ;)

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Content Marketing + Related Jobs

Lead DC Reporter,
Technically Media is a digital media company known for its local tech economy news site The team is hiring a lead DC reporter to lead the production of a high-quality, must-read newsletter covering all things related to the DC tech community. The role includes developing ideas for and reporting a set number of stories each week and taking photos to accompany stories.

Head of Content, Close.
Close is a 100% remote company that provides a CRM designed to double the productivity of every sales rep. The company is seeking a head of content based in the U.S. to own and define the company’s content strategy to drive brand awareness and conversion. This includes creating ebooks, blog posts, emails, social posts, webinars, and more, as well as leading and mentoring a team of writers and SEO specialists.

Content Marketing Manager, Mavenoid.
Mavenoid provides an “Intelligent Support Platform” that delivers troubleshooting and personalized remote support for customer service. Its team is hiring a content marketing manager to build the company’s reputation by creating ghostwritten content for its executives, producing short-form videos, and managing its online community (to name just a few tasks). This is a remote-eligible role.

Copywriter, Heartbeat.
Heartbeat, a Publicis Groupe company, is a healthcare marketing and creative agency headquartered in NYC. Its clients have included Genentech, Gilead, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, and more. The agency is seeking a copywriter who is eager to write consumer-focused content for pharmaceutical and healthcare clients.

Senior Content Marketing Manager, Pinpoint.
Pinpoint is a bootstrapped HR-tech startup that provides software to help in-house recruitment teams attract, hire, and onboard talent. The brand is hiring a senior content marketing manager to collaborate with every part of the business, conduct first-hand research with customers, and produce 1-2 articles weekly. The role is remote but requires occasional in-person meetups in the U.K.

Content Marketing Manager, SPOTIO.
SPOTIO is a private SaaS company that offers a field sales engagement platform used by thousands of sales professionals. The SPOTIO team is looking for a content marketing manager to drive brand awareness, engage its target audience, and support its marketing initiatives, spanning blog, email, website, and social media content. This is a hybrid role based out of Addison, TX.

Director, Content Marketing, Moveworks.
Moveworks provides a platform powered by its proprietary LLM that enables users to search for information, automate tasks, and create content with generative AI. The company is hiring a content marketing director based in Mountain View, CA, to lead its content and social strategy and creation, including brand voice and messaging governance and performance monitoring.

Insights Content Manager, Autodesk.
Autodesk is a global leader in “design and make” technology, with expertise across architecture, construction, design, and manufacturing. Its team is seeking an insights content manager to help build original research content to inform and engage executive audiences. This role is remote or hybrid eligible based in the U.S.

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The #ContentChat Bulletin

Erika Heald

Erika Heald is the host of the weekly #ContentChat LinkedIn Live video podcast for content marketers, held Mondays at noon Pacific. As a B2B marketing consultant, she helps organizations define and execute content marketing strategies that drive business and professional growth. As a creator, and gluten-free blogger helping people discover gut-friendly farm-to-table food. She frequently speaks at B2B marketing industry events on employee brand advocacy, content strategy, customer experience, AI readiness, and social media topics. You can find her on her blogs and

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