The #ContentChat Bulletin

The #ContentChat Bulletin: Why It's Time for Some Friendly Coopetition

Published 4 months ago • 6 min read

I'm working on some juicy research for a client right now, and I can't wait to get the survey into the market.

We've made sure to identify some of the key statistics we wished we had for our content marketing (and product marketing) efforts, and are asking them alongside others that provide valuable context.

But, unfortunately, we're going it alone with the research despite having reached out to a few content marketers with overlapping, but non-competing focus areas.

While one of the marketers responded with interest (but never, ultimately, got back to me on working together), the rest didn't reply. Not even those I'd worked with previously!

Now, if my pitch had been "Hey, want to partner with us and share the costs of doing the research?" I'd have understood getting the silent treatment. After all, there are some marketing teams being asked to scale back in Q4 and they simply don't have any budget.

But we weren't looking for someone to foot the bill.

We just wanted a partner in developing the questions, and getting the word out to potential survey respondents and sharing the results.

You see, I'm a firm believer that content marketing activities like these are better when done together. Look no further than the ongoing MarketingProfs and Content Marketing Institute partnership for their annual content marketing research. As soon as I hit send on this email, I'm going to go take a peek at the latest publication—their 14th annual B2B content marketing trends research.

Clearly, either organization could set up its own research project. But there is so much more influence—and reach—by collaborating on the research, and issuing the ensuing reports together.

Collaboration has been on my mind and a topic of my conversations a lot this year, from CEX in the Spring through the MarketingProfs B2B forum conference earlier this month.

Right now, I'm planning something fun and inspiring with Bernie Borges for January, and an ongoing collaboration with Pamela Muldoon and Carmen Hill that I can't wait to tell you about soon. While I've been a content creator my whole life, and don't anticipate stopping any time soon, I also know that my work—and my writing—is better in collaboration with another content pro.

There's just something about having that sounding board, that person who gets you and your shared audience, that pushes you to have those flashes of insight and come up with those "OMG how smart!" ideas.

If you haven't had one of those moments yet yourself, you don't have to just take my word for it. At noon Pacific today (3 p.m. Eastern), I'm getting to chat with Lee Odden on LinkedIn about soon-to-be-released research from TopRank Marketing on B2B influencer marketing. It's one of the original ways content marketers have worked collaboration into their content marketing strategy.

But even if you can't join the conversation today, I hope you'll consider how you can bring a little friendly coopetition into your content marketing program for 2024. It's a great way to better serve the community you are building for your brand and to stand out from the flood of generic AI content creation your less inspired competitors are planning.

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Until next time, stay safe and be well!



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