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Erika Heald

Erika Heald is the host of the weekly #ContentChat Twitter and LinkedIn chat for content marketers on Mondays at noon Pacific. As a B2B marketing consultant, she helps organizations define and execute content marketing strategies that drive business and professional growth. As a creator, and gluten-free blogger helping people discover gut-friendly farm-to-table food. She frequently speaks at marketing industry events on employee brand advocacy, content strategy, and B2B social media topics. You can find her on her blogs and

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The #ContentChat Bulletin: The Unexpected Benefits of Bringing Your Authentic Self to Every Conversation

Like many other Americans, my partner Lewis and our furry family members got in the car last Thursday to spend Thanksgiving with the family. In addition to the food and wine and silly bulldog antics, there was also the inevitable challenge of answering the “How’s work?” question in a way that non-marketers understand (and care about!) I’m not always very good at it. I realized that the year one of Lewis’ step-uncles asked me how my “shopping” was going this year. At first, I thought he meant...
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2 days ago • 5 min read

The #ContentChat Bulletin: Take a Time Out for Self-Care

Hi there. In the past week, I saw dozens of former colleagues laid off from what they thought would be the jobs they’d retire from. I also saw several other friends laid off from organizations that are taking a slow trickle approach to restructuring and layoffs. Then I reviewed another three laid-off friends’ resumes and gave them thoughts on how to make their accomplishments stand out. While none of these layoffs affected me, personally, like all of us, being adjacent to this turmoil—and...
16 days ago • 5 min read

The #ContentChat Bulletin: Why It's Time for Some Friendly Coopetition

I'm working on some juicy research for a client right now, and I can't wait to get the survey into the market. We've made sure to identify some of the key statistics we wished we had for our content marketing (and product marketing) efforts, and are asking them alongside others that provide valuable context. But, unfortunately, we're going it alone with the research despite having reached out to a few content marketers with overlapping, but non-competing focus areas. While one of the...
about 1 month ago • 6 min read

The #ContentChat Bulletin: Building a Strong Foundation for Content Marketing Strategy

I am a proponent of lifelong learning in all its forms. That’s why you’ll find me regularly listening to marketing podcasts, reading books and blogs, and attending the occasional online course in addition to creating these types of content myself. But whenever I have a truly all-immersive and engaging in-person learning opportunity I’m reminded of just how powerful it is to be able to meet and have real conversations with others who share a love for what we do. While at the MarketingProfs...
about 1 month ago • 6 min read

No More Marketing FOMO: How to Deal With Not Jumping on the Bandwagon

Not gonna lie: I have some content marketing FOMO right now. Specifically, it’s centered on Content Marketing World, happening at the end of the month in D.C. I’ve attended the event as a speaker or registrant for the past 10 years in Cleveland. I’ve fondly thought of it—and called it out loud— my annual content marketing family reunion. But this year, the timing for the event conflicted with heading home from the East Coast to attend a beloved friend’s wedding. Then, a week later, I’m headed...
3 months ago • 5 min read

The Content Chat Bulletin: Content Marketing is in a State of Constant Change—Are You Ready to Adapt?

Last week, I had the opportunity to talk one-on-one with several attendees from my MarketingProfs webinar, AI: the Ultimate WIngman for Your Brand Voice. While I always invite session attendees to reach out if they have any questions after I give a presentation, I was pleasantly surprised by the depth of the conversations that ensued. Right now, in companies around the globe, content marketers like those I talked to in particular are trying to determine how they can harness the power of AI to...
4 months ago • 6 min read

The Content Chat Bulletin: The One Huge Thing Marketers Must Understand About AI

Last week, I presented my perspectives on using AI to differentiate your brand voice and ensure consistency in using that voice across every communication channel and touchpoint. It was so much fun to share what I’ve learned in my AI journey over the past few years. as part of the amazing MarketingProfs AI for Marketers webinar series. It was a big topic, and I packed my presentation with a TON of practical actions and fill-in-the-blanks prompts. And, perhaps somewhat controversially, I...
4 months ago • 6 min read

The Content Chat Bulletin: I Never Anticipated This Would Be My New Favorite Content Marketing Case Study

You may have noticed that everything's looking, well, a little pink these days. And not just any pink—we're talking Superstar Barbie hot pink, friends! Pink froyo, pink hamburgers, pink social profile frames, pink houses. All in support of a movie opening this Friday about a middle-aged blonde who's got some reputation management to do. Unlike your typical summer blockbuster movie campaign with its deluge of ads and a fast food tie-in, the marketing team behind the Barbie movie has created...
4 months ago • 6 min read

The #ContentChat Bulletin: The Key to Standing Out—The One Question Every Content Marketer Must Answer

I’ve interviewed hundreds of marketers throughout my career. The positions—and the companies looking to hire—all had different goals and objectives. Yet, they all had one thing in common: they wanted to hire people who were passionate about their work and had a genuine interest in the company. To attain that goal, I outlined core competencies and sample questions the members of our interview team could use to find the right person for each role. When it was my turn to talk to a candidate, I...
5 months ago • 5 min read
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